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Change of self vs Change of scene

Have you ever been in a situation that you feel like you need to get out of? Maybe you're in a bad mood every day that you go to work. You feel like you just need to get out of there as soon as you possibly can. Is it a bad relationship that doesn't seem like it's getting better? You could be getting in arguments more often or feeling like you're feelings are beginning to fade. I can't say that these things aren't bad situations to be in and I can't say that you don't need to get out of them. I can't pretend that I know what is going on in your head or what you need to do for yourself. The one thing I can do, though, is help you see it from a different perspective and prevent an ever bigger problem.

Let's dig in to this hypothetical problem a little bit deeper. I've worked with people who continue to say that they need to find something different, because this isn't for them. Is that true? Sure, it very well could be true. They might nee…

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