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Getting married young..

(Honeymoon in Cancun, 2015)
I've been with this woman for the past 7 years, 3 of which we've been married. I could go on and on about the past and everything that led up to our marriage, but that would make for one long blog and I won't put you guys through that :). This blog really has a different purpose than telling you everything that we've been through and how amazing it has been. This is about how we handled the "difficult" times of being engaged as teenagers and getting married young.

It always seemed to be a hot question at the time from co workers or even strangers that I would engage into conversation with to ask me if I had a girlfriend. So obviously I say yes, "we're engaged." So here comes the next question of "how old are you?" I would come back with "I'm nineteen." Following those short words would come the much dreaded lectures from these people about the likely hood of high school sweetheart relationship…

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