Happiness is important.

I joined the work force the day following my high school graduation. I jumped right in to a career opportunity that would eventually pay me quite well. A large portion of my time had been focused thinking about work and stressing about work. I hated every minute that I was there and I most definitely dreaded Sunday nights more than any other. So why did I decide to head down this path in comparison to another? At the time I realized that college wouldn't be a good option for me considering I hate doing school work of any kind. I also came to the realization that my dream job wasn't going to pay me very well. That's what life is about right? Finding a good paying job regardless of your personal happiness? I sure hope that people don't actually think that's true, although I think some of us may be there. 

I had so much hate and sadness running through my body on a daily basis just thinking about how this was going to be the rest of my life. For some silly reason I hadn't come to the realization yet that I had the opportunity to make a choice. The choice to continue this dreadful path that was not getting any better for me, or the choice to change. 

I can remember the day that I made the decision to look for a new job, any job that wasn't the one that I had. I was standing inside of a job trailer on a hot summer day, almost an hour from my house. I had sweat rolling down my face and I could smell cutting oil from all of the pipes that had been threaded that morning. I took a good look around at everything and just thought to myself...I've got to get the hell out of here. Believe it or not I was responsible enough to not just get in my car and drive away, although I would have loved to. I ended up working there for another 6 months or so until I got hired on with another company. A company that wasn't the steadiest of jobs and was paying $4 less per hour. You think I cared that the work was possibly unsteady and the paychecks were smaller? Of course not, It was great! My stress had passed and my hate for work was gone. I thought I'd found a nice place that I could work at for a long time. 

3 months in to this new 'job' of mine they basically told everyone that we had no more work coming and we had 30 days to find a new place to work. Fortunately I didn't have a mortgage, a wife, or any children yet. Unfortunately, I had no clue what my next move was going to be. Long story shorter, I've been with the same organization for the last 5 years and things couldn't be better for me at the moment. 

You might be wondering why on earth I just gave a background on my work history from the ages of 18-24. Most of us through our late teens and throughout our twenties spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we want out of life. Personally I feel like I'm seeing opportunities all over the place. Everywhere I turn I'm seeing a different possible path in life that I can take. The possibilities are literally endless. That job that you're working right now that you hate so much is not the only job out there. You can't let a few dollars an hour outweigh your happiness. Long term happiness will always be more important to me than money will ever be. You spend so much time at work, you need to find a way to enjoy it. Find a way to love what you do. Find a way to give yourself some purpose in your daily life. Don't try to reason with yourself or justify your purpose for not looking for a new path in life. If you are the person doing that and you see 'no way out' then now is the time to become self aware and look for a way. I understand that you have bills to pay, and possibly a family to support. I get it. Have I personally been in that situation? No I have not, but you bet your ass I'd find a way to make things work and find something new. 

We should all be able to get to the point of happiness in our lives where you don't care what day of the week it is because you're gong to make the best of it regardless. You aren't going to sit around and whine because it's Sunday night and you don't want to work tomorrow. You're going to make the best of your Sunday night, whether it's enjoying some down time, hanging out with friends, enjoying some quality family time, OR writing a blog ;). Then you're going to wake up the next day and be grateful for all of the opportunities ahead of you. Then you're going to come home and enjoy all of the other things that your life has to offer outside of work. 

If you're willing to seek, you will find the opportunities that are out there for you to take. Like a new job that might bring you more fulfillment and more happiness, or working on some personal development opportunities within your current circumstance. Possibly things that are already right in front of your face but you were blocking out because you are too afraid of what might happen if you change. Change is scary, its terrifying. Change is uncomfortable and the outcome is uncertain. Change is something that should not be pushed away from us when it is necessary. It becomes necessary when we are stuck in unfavorable situations that we more than likely put ourselves in. Be willing to make that change if you need to and make that new path in life work for you. 

Your happiness needs to be on the top of your priority list my friends. Don't live your lives hating the day the day. Enjoy a Tuesday just as much as you can enjoy a Saturday. 


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