It's Monday Already?

I believe that a large majority of the working class population does not look forward to and get excited for Monday. It is the start of a long week of hard work. The couple days that we get away from our jobs are much appreciated and almost never feel long enough! 

So why is it that we don't look forward to Monday morning or get fired up to get back to it? Do we really hate our jobs that much? I mean some people literally become sick to their stomachs on Sunday night just knowing they have to go back tomorrow. I know people who are there and I've been there myself. It's a very sad place to be and life should not be this way. With the amount of time in our lives that we spend at our jobs, I don't think it should be spent being miserable. There is no amount of money that I could make that would make me deal with a job that I absolutely dread. 

All of us have a couple options when it comes to our decision of our career choices. Option number 1 would be to find a way to quit your job and forget about the money (assuming the wages are good) and move on to something different. Something that truly makes you happy and gives you purpose. Please understand that moving on to a new job and a new way of life isn't necessarily going to fix the issues that you were having. That move might definitely be the correct decision as long as you know how to handle it. Leaving a bad situation to be in another with the absence of the right attitude will inadvertently put you right back in the same position..eventually anyway. Your mindset has to be willing to change with the physical changes that you are making. 

Your other option would be to change yourself mentally to better fit in your current situation. I understand that you may be past the point of enjoying your job and that's OK. I'm talking to the individuals who don't mind their job that might just have a shit attitude. You might be unhappy every day because you choose to, and you blame the establishment, or you bosses, or management for your problems. If you wake up every day and tell yourself it's going to be a good day, then isn't it? Is it not that simple? When you have goals in life and you want to get better then you'll find any way possible to incorporate your desires in to your daily life regardless of where your paychecks are coming from. If you see no 'out' and like to be negative and point fingers, then no you couldn't possibly see it as that easy. That's why you're in a bad place in your life right now and need to work on yourself. Not one of us can deny the fact the negativity is toxic and provides no value in our personal success. Work on seeing the good in your situation and seeing room for growth in your obstacles. Create some light in your self made darkness. 

I challenge you guys and gals to be positive and in your right state of mind and not dread this Monday. Brighten the day of those around you and make a difference in your life, and theirs. Help them see that things can be better as long as you're willing to be better. Monday is just another day in our lives where we are blessed enough to be alive and breathing. We're fortunate enough to even have jobs to bitch about. Now take control of your life for once and stop complaining about your bad situation and make a change!


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